Semalt Expert: You Won’t Succeed Without This Landing Image Strategy

Numerous studies have proven that emotions play a major role in determining purchase decisions. As a digital marketer in the current highly competitive business realm, you need to learn and master the art of appealing the customers and influencing their decision-making process.
A study by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania has shown that two of the primary factors that elicit positive emotions are visual content and personalization. Since most of the prospects are visually oriented, your website image can influence them to place orders.
Max Bell, the leading Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains how to implement message psychology in landing images with the aim to boost your business revenue.
The first thing that you need to note is that a landing image is more than just a website picture. It’s the immediate thing that potential customers use to connect with your brand. The image should be able to help consumers understand your brand within 0.05 seconds if you are to succeed in portraying a positive image of your brand to them.
Here are the factors that you need to consider when selecting an image for your site.

It should:
• help website visitors to understand your goals;

• be relevant to your keywords;

• make the page look credible and trustworthy;

• demonstrate the advantages you are offering;

• complement the page design and make the CTA button more visible.
Color Psychology
Color is one of the main reasons why 85% of consumers decide to purchase your product over the competitors. Visuals factors influence 90% of all purchase decisions, and colors enhances brand recognition by 80%. In addition, 66% of prospects will not purchase a product if it’s not presented in their preferred color.
Which Type of Images Is Ideal for Landings?
1# Product
You can boost your site conversion rate by using an eye-grabbing image that complements your products descriptions. The image should resonate with the overall design of your website.
2# Creators
Some studies are of the idea that high-quality photos of people create a positive first impression to website visitors. For example, a photo of your product creator accompanied by a short description of his/her personal talents and achievements can give you a higher cutting edge in the market.
3# Team
A picture of all your team members working on a product or a project will add tremendous value to your site. This is based on the fact that friendly and happy faces of real people elicit positive emotions that you can capitalize on to build trust and confidence.
4# Context
Bid4Papers is a good example of a company whose landing image is not a product but a lifestyle. Such an ingenious trick can help you express your services and products differently and stand out from the crowd.
5# Neutral
Neutral images whose colors are in line with the recommended color psychology can boost site conversion rate even if there are no products or people in them. Make sure that the images are in line with your brand personality and identity.
Other things that you can use as landing images are:
• Managers conversing with clients.
• The process of product creation or delivery to customers.
• Bonuses and offered with the products.
Once you have a list of plausible landing images, carry out A/B testing to identify the ones that are in line with your marketing strategy.

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